Course 3: Cattle Claims (Identification & Valuation) - 8 hours

Course Description

This course will provide students with an understanding of claims involving cattle and other livestock including theft, mortality, wrongful conversation and other. This course will also provide the student with the ability to identify different types of breeds and classes of cattle and the resulting differences in price and value.


This course will cover the following chapters:


  • Livestock coverages under the Farm Ranch Policy, Commercial Agribusiness Policy, and Livestock Mortality Policy

  • Peril groups and common exclusions that apply to cattle claims

Cattle Identification

  • Identification of common breeds of cattle

  • Basic understanding of cattle terminology

  • Familiarity with cattle classes

  • Branding laws and common tagging procedures

  • Available resources for identifying livestock


Claims Investigation

  • Understanding coverage and exclusions and their effect of the claim investigation

  • Working with and interoperating veterinary treatment, diagnosis and necropsy reports

  • Site inspection

  • Document and Information requests

  • Working with local or state authorities


Cattle Valuation

  • Factors affecting value including age, condition, breed, registration and other factors.

  • Salvage Identification and residual Value

  • Available resources for valuing livestock

Course Objectives

This is a self-study online course that will provide the student with the following critical claim skills:

  • Define and apply terminology used in the cattle industry

  • Identification of the most common breeds of cattle in the United States

  • Identify and calculate the different factors that affect value 

  • Identify and calculate salvage or residual Value

  • Understand how coverages are applied or excluded under a Farm, Commercial Agribusiness and Mortality Policies

  • Collect and analyze documentation needed to handle various types of cattle and livestock claims

  • Collect Understand how to handle various types of cattle claims including theft, wrongful conversion, lightning, food contamination and other casues of loss


This course requires a basic understanding of liability and property claims investigation. This course also requires that the "Bssics of the Agricultural Policy " course be completed.