Course 1: Grain Storage and Material Handling - 8 hours

Course Description

This self-study course will address the investigation of claims involving damage to grain bins, legs, elevators and other structures and equipment involving the grain storage and handling process. Students will develop the ability to investigate a claim and write a thorough scope of loss document. 


This course will cover the following chapters:

  • General function of grain bins, elevators and supporting structures

  • Inspection of damaged grain bin, legs, elevators and other equipment

  • Distinguishing and documenting covered and non-covered damages.

  • Maintenance issues, improper unloading practices and other sources of non-covered damages.

  • Common covered causes of damages to bins including wind and hail, collapse, vehicle damage and other covered

  • frequently seen causes of grain bin failures

    • Off-center loading and unloading

    • Corrosion of walls and components.

    • Improper aeration

    • Foundation failures


Course Objectives

This is a self-study online course that will provide the student with the following critical claims skills:

  • Understanding the basics of grain bin estimating, including:

    • Grain bin specification

    • Accessories including fans, ladders, wind rings, stiffeners, and other equipment

    • Electrical costs

    • Repair and replacement considerations

    • Labor, material, freight, construction costs

    • Hopper bins

  •  Understanding the basics of grain leg estimating

    • Leg specification

    • Determining pulley size

    • Leg motors and drives

    • Safety equipment costs

    • Construction, labor and freight costs

  • Understanding issues with concrete pad foundation

    • Settling

    • Un-leveling

    • Deterioration of concrete and supporting materials

  • Understanding the proper use of grain bin estimating worksheets

  • Understanding the millwright industry and limitations to the repair process

  • Resources for obtaining a comparative estimate


This course requires a basic understanding of a property claim investigation and evaluation. Students will also be required to complete the "Basics of the Agricultural Policy"