Course 2: Intro to Crop Liability Claims - 8 hours

Course Description

This course will provide a basic understanding of how to handle a crop liability claim from start to finish.


This course will cover the following chapters:

  • Basic crop terminology and crop insurance forms and how they affect settlement

  • Understanding which liability exposures affect crops

    • Livestock Escape, Vehicle, Chemical Drift, Chemical Misapplication, Fire, etc

  • Identifying and locating farms

    • How to locate a section, township and range

  • Conducting the liability investigation

  • Assessing and quantifying the damage to the crops

  • Identifying the difference between chemical damage and damage from insects, disease, etc.

  • Measurement and Appraisal Methods

  • Settlement Method Considerations (Type and Size of Loss, when to Settle)

  • Factors effecting Crop Quality (Moisture, Damage, Contamination, etc)

  • Factors effecting Settlement (Planting costs, Harvesting Costs, Fertilizer Costs, etc.)

  • APH Reduction Claim

  • GMO vs. NON-GMO vs Organic (Understanding the effects of settlements for each)

  • Identification and request of the proper documents from the claimant and insured

  • Identification and quantification of non-incurred costs



Course Objectives

This is a self-study online course that will provide the following abilities

  • Understanding crop policy coverages and their effect on the claims investigation.

  • Identifying liability of the parties and assigning negligence as either whole, comparative or contributory

  • Identify and locate the damaged field and the point of origin using a legal description (Section, Range and Township, Land Grants, etc.)

  • Understanding techniques and methods used to quantify damage to various crops

  • Identify and calculate factors that effect settlement (Crop quality and non-incurred costs)

  • Understanding and calculating future potential losses (Replanting, APH loss, etc.)

  • Recognition of required documents and records in order to assist in the determination of liability and damage assessment.

  • Ability to research and assess available resources in the private and government sector to assist with the claims process.




This course requires a basic understanding of a claims investigation pertaining to liability.