Course 5: Irrigation Equipment

(Damage Assessment & Scoping) - 6 hours

Course Description

This course will provide a basic understanding of the types, components and configurations of the irrigation systems commonly encountered the agriculture industry. This course will equip students with the ability to identify parts, prepare a scope of loss and make a determination as to the repairability of an irrigation system


This course will cover the following chapters:

  • Typical coverages and exclusions for irrigation equipment

  • Identify different irrigation methods (Pivot, Gravity Flow, Side Roll, etc.)

  • Types of pivots

  • Irrigation system components including type and gauge of pipe, construction method, wheel, end guns and other components

  • Electrical and Hydraulic drive

  • Damage assessment

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Salvage

Course Objectives

This is a self-study online course that will provide the student with the following critical claim skills:

  • Identify and distinguish different types of pivots

  • Recognize and define components of the typical pivot system including tires, spans, pipe, electrical and hydraulic power system, and the inclusion of end guns

  • Prepare a scope of damage

  • Determine whether a pivot can be repaired as opposed to requiring replacement

  • Determine labor, material and freight charges

  • Identify salvage opportunities

  • Recognize evidence of a mechanical breakdown


This course requires a basic understanding of a property and liability claims investigation. The “Basics of the Agricultural Policy” course is a prerequisite to this course.