I thought that everything was handled very well.  All things considered it was much better than I was expecting.  The presenters did a very nice job and there were not issues with software that I have experienced in other areas of my work.

I think the conference was laid out very well, great job ACA.

Given Covid - I thought you did an outstanding job.  The virtual happy hour was a stroke of genius!

I statue each individual involved in putting this event together.  Well planned!

As a first time attendee I can't wait till next year and attend it in person.

When Covid 19 travel restriction are over - I will plan on attending the in person event (my preference), but this virtual event is still very valuable and perhaps the only or best option for some.

Claims in review

Mike Sutton & Brandan McGehee

MW Claims

Calculating Crop Liability

Julie Overdeer

Ag Claims Association

Combine Damage Repair vs. Replace

Steve Asmus

All States Ag Parts

Chemical Update

Naag Rao

MW Consulting 

Keyboard and Mouse



Tina Lohr

Tropical Leaves
MW Claims 
Gift Card Winner


Tamera Schilling

Conference Videos

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