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The ACA is the only organization in the insurance industry which is solely dedicated to the education, support and training of claims professionals who work in the AG industry.

Founded by a group of experienced AG claims representatives and led by a Board of Directors with national reputations, the ACA provides resources and educational opportunities beyond anything in the trade. 

Membership Benefits

Benefits of joining the ACA include the following:

  1. Access to an extensive agricultural recourse library

    • Agricultural Claims Checklists and Forms

    • Case Studies

    • Web Resources and Links

  2. Access to all past conference content

    • Presentation Videos

    • Training Material

    • PDF copies of the Presentations

  3. Continuing education credits in various states related directly to agricultural issues

  4. Discounted registration to the Agricultural Claims Conference

    • Annual Agricultural Claims Conference

    • Fall Agricultural Adjusters Conference

  5. Discounted fees for the industries most well respected agricultural claims certifications

  6. Discounted Website and Conference Sponsorship opportunities 

  7. Access to the top industry experts.

    • Engineers 

    • Equipment Salvors 

    • Grain Salvors

    • C&O Investigators 

    • Agricultural Certified Adjusters

  8. Monthly Conference Calls or Webinars to cover hot topics in the industry.

Membership Costs

Insurance Carrier Membership
Membership costs is based on the number of employees a company has.

Affiliate Membership
This membership is offered to claims professionals who are not on staff with a carrier. This membership starts at $249 / year for an individual. Discounts will be applied based on the number of memberships purchased. For additional information please contact Julie Overdeer at (866) 215-9274, or email us at