FRCS Virtual Training Courses

Prospective students need to complete the first five courses to complete the FRCS certification.  A second certification is being developed for courses 6 through 10.  There is Texas CE credit in the following areas:

Grain Storage and Material Handling (3 hours) - Course 1

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Techniques in handling damage claims to grain bins, confinement buildings, dairy buildings, and other farm buildings including:

  • Repair vs. replace after storm damage to grain bins
  • Millwright estimating and proper determination of component part pricing; covered peril vs. wear and tear/maintenance issues
  • Properly inspecting and valuing dairy barn hay fires
  • Cosmetic damage to metal buildings

Intro to Crop Liability Claims (2 hours) - Course 2

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Techniques in settling a variety of agricultural claims including:

  • Crop overspray and chemical drift onto other crops claims including proper valuation of lost or stunted crops
  • “Cow out” and other animal liability claims
  • General ag business liability claims

Cattle Claims -Identification and Valuation (2 hours) - Course 3

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This course will provide a basic understanding of information required in the claims handling of a claim involving cattle (i.e. Theft, Mortality, Wrongful Conversation, etc.) This course will also provide the ability to identify different types of breeds and classes of cattle and will provide a basic understanding of how they are valued.

Principles In Agricultural Equipment Breakdown (2 hours) - Course 4

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  • Covering Repair vs. Replace
  • Students will learn to properly inspect a wide variety of farm equipment, how to estimate the claims and how to distinguish between covered damage and wear and tear
  • Students will also be instructed in the proper assessment of total loss claims

Basics of the Agricultural Policy (1 hour) - Course 5

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The basics of coverage for farm buildings, equipment, livestock, including:

  • Understanding the coverage distinguish between dwelling and farm ranch buildings
  • Understanding farm/ranch liability coverages
  • Understanding exclusions and limitations

Repair vs. Replace Agriculture Equipment - Course 6

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Ag Business Income Loss - Course 7

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Poultry Confinement - Course 8

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Irrigation Systems - Course 9

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Irrigation systems are more prominently used throughout the ag industry than ever before, they are also extremely susceptible to weather related damage. The training in this section of the Certification will ensure that the students understand and distinguish between wear and tear and covered damages. They also will be instructed in repair techniques and pricing so they will no longer be strictly subject to the estimates of the repair shop.

Intermediate Crop Liability Claim Handling - Course 10

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